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Grounds For Sculpture Fall/Winter Opening Reception Silent Auction Preview

Exhibition opening receptions at Grounds For Sculpture are opportunities for our Members and invited guests to have a first look at the new work on display, meet the artists; and enjoy music, food, and the company of other GFS supporters. The next reception will be October 15, 2011, from 2 – 5 pm,celebrating the opening ofWhite Hot Expressions in Iron, a group exhibition of work cast and fabricated in iron;Steve Tobin Creating Steelroots; Instrumental Transitions by Michael Dunbar;the 12th annual International Sculpture Center’s Outstanding Student Achievement Awards; and in the Education Gallery, a group exhibition, Glass BooksHealing Expressions.  The exhibitions will be open to the public on Sunday, October 16.

During the event on Saturday, GFS will present a special Silent Auction fundraiser featuring a pop-up gallery of diverse work by our artist friends. 30% of each purchase will go to support exhibitions, educational programs, and family events at Grounds For Sculpture. Artists in the auction have significant historical ties with the organization; many have worked at the Johnson Atelier and maintain studios located at Grounds For Sculpture. Others are a part of our extended artist community and are excited to help support GFS with their art. All exhibit a high quality of work that will add value and enjoyment to the auction winner’s collection.

Take a look and come ready to bid on the exceptional art at great prices that will be available on October 15, 2011 at GFS. Bidding ends at 4:30 pm.

NEW! Open to Members and Non-members:  If you cannot attend the event, but would like to bid on the art you see below, you may place an absentee bid! Download, fill out the form, and email or fax it in! Please be sure to read all info carefully.

Oki Fukunaga

Born in Japan, Fukunaga earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Osaka University of the Arts in Osaka Japan.  He then traveled to the U.S. and became an apprentice of artist Rory Mahon in the sand department at the Johnson Atelier. He currently works as a sculptor and finisher at Advanced Stone Technologies in Mercerville, NJ.

Oki Fukunaga
Cast iron
14” x 12” x 4”
Starting bid: $1430
Golem is an ancient icon which was made of human wisdom, knowledge, and technologies. It helps humans, however, if used the wrong way, it will hurt humans.

Oki Fukunaga
Cast iron
18” x 8” x 6.5”
Starting bid: $1000
The bird is a guardian which protects from bad vibes.

Kate Graves

Kate Graves mines the rich veins of material culture to create new art for the future. Current projects include the commission of three fabricated metal “Healing Tree” sculptures and two wall mounted “Building Block” quilts at the Capital Health Hospital in Hopewell, NJ.

Kate Graves
, 2003
2.5” x 2.5” x  10.5”
Starting bid: $285
An anthropomorphic representation of a kangaroo  and joey perched on top of a monument.


 Mike Gyampo

Mike Gyampo is a third generation artist, in a family of artists and educators. Born in Ghana, West Africa, Gyampo studied art at the college of art, University of Science & Technology. He worked as a TV set designer and Secretary of Ghanaian artist before joining the Johnson Atelier in 1983. He has participated in over 120 exhibitions and is included in collections in both the private and corporate sectors. He maintains a studio at Grounds For Sculpture.

Mike Gyampo
Captain Sleepy
, 2003
35” x 12” x 10”
Starting bid: $975
This sculpture was named and inspired by a Trenton police captain caught sleeping on the job.

Mike Gyampo
I Am Watching You
, 1998
23” x 9” x 10”
Starting bid: $550
Ananimal surveying its environment.

DJ Haslett
An award-winning artist, photographer, published poet and musician who is self-taught, Haslett started his art career in 1999. To date he has 13 solo shows to his credit, and has had work accepted in 25 juried shows including the Bucks Magazine “It’s About Art Exhibit” at the Bucks Gallery of Fine Art, The Ellarslie Open at the Trenton City Museum, The Da Vinci Art Gallery’s “Cut it Up” exhibition in Philadelphia, Gallery 125 in Trenton and The Mercer County Community College Gallery. His work has also been exhibited at the Prallsville Mills, Artworks, Sculpture Association of New Jersey, Straube Center and Numina Gallary at Princeton High School invitational exhibitions along with numerous member and group shows.

DJ Haslett
, 2008
Mixed media found object
16” x 20” x 1.5”
Starting bid: $99

DJ Haslett
Gathering Guitars, H-12
, 2011
Acrylic on canvas board
24” x 18”
Starting bid: $99


Hollósy was born in Bavaria, Germany.  He is descended from two Hungarian painters, Simon Hollósy and CsontváryTivadarKosztka.  In 1955, his family relocated to Cleveland, OH.  He studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art, and with sculptor David Hostetler at OhioUniversity wherein he received his BFA in 1969. Upon earning his MFA from Tulane in 1977, he began teaching at various universities around the US; and at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture in Mercerville, NJ as Academic Program Coordinator and Gallery Director until 2003. He maintains a studio at Grounds For 

Adam, Eve and Us, 1996
24” x 9” x 8”
Starting bid: $5,150

Blue Wave, 2006
13” x16” x 17”
Starting bid: $5,450

Bruce Lindsay

“Based on my unique background in public art, contemporary sculpture, and the foundry, my practices range from conceptual development to the physical realization. A graduate of Bucknell University and a veteran of the Johnson Atelier, I engage in commissions, collaborative projects, and independent endeavors. Consultation and production services are available upon request.” Bruce maintains a studio at Grounds For

Bruce Lindsay
Lotus Leaf
, 2011
stone, stainless steel
3” x 12” x 12”
Starting bid: $1,715
A single solid stainless steel leaf form on a black granite base.

Bruce Lindsay
Lotus Leaf and Seed Pod
, 2011
stone, stainless steel, tin, silk
60” x 20 x 20”
Starting bid: $2,570
A free-standing composition inspired by the lotus pond at the Grounds For Sculpture gazebo.

Ruthann Perry

“I am a sculptor currently working in wood and found objects, including recovered architectural details and foundry molds. Most recently, horses have been my primary subject, although I’ve also created sculptural landscapes. Reusing wood, particularly that which has been shaped by man and worn by time is important to me, as these are the same qualities I see in the horses I love so much.”

Ruthann Perry
, 2011
Wood, found object
23” x 19” x 9”
Starting bid: $420
A horse head made from architectural wood pieces.

Michelle Post
“With no formal training in the arts, I’ve honed my artistic prowess by seeking out those who could teach me what I wanted to know about any given project.  Through the years, I have picked the brains of many admired sculptors, photographers, printmakers, painters, dressmakers, designers, craftsmen, writers, sign makers, and a variety of cantankerous beings I have met in my journeys through this world.”

Michelle Post
Dance of the Recently Dead
, 2008
12” x 12” framed
Starting bid: $65
Black and white print of a woodthrush found dead on the artist’s studio deck.

Michelle Post
Head and Shoulders
, 2010
Styrofoam, plaster gauze, acrylic mediums
30” x 17” x 12”
Starting bid: $715
Carved head of a man with a mustache.

Dana L. Stewart

Dana Stewart was born and raised in California, where he developed interests in art, animals, and surfing.  He pursued an education in the arts and received a Master of Arts degree from San Diego State University.  Early works were executed in ceramics, welded metals and other various materials.  Accepting an invitation from the late Herk Van Tongeren, former president of the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, Stewart traveled to Hamilton, New Jersey, to research ceramic shell casting techniques.  A scheduled short visit turned into permanent residency on the East Coast and an appointment in 1977 to head of the Johnson Atelier’s ceramic shell department.  Ten years later, he became proprietor of Stewart Sculpture Casting in Lambertville, New Jersey.  Stewart has exhibited regularly in New Jersey since 1987.

Dana Stewart
Sue’s Nightmare
, 1999
20” x 11” x 6”
Starting bid: $2600
Beast with a vicious grin. “After seeing the Tyrannosaurus Rex known as Sue, I wondered what would a beast like that be frightened of?Perhaps a little ankle biter.” This is an edition from the same sculpture which is on exhibit in the park.

Scot W. Thompson
Scot Thompson’s long‐standing fascination with sculpting different elements together started during his youth in Colorado while working in his grandfather’s wood and metal shop. In 1991, Thompson began serving in the army and traveled throughout the Middle East participating in the Desert Shield and Desert Storm operations. His exposure to pain, fatigue, and destruction only heightened his fascination with these concepts, and has been constantly reflected in his artwork.In addition, his obsession with distillation and abstraction of figures born from a unique process combining wood, iron, bronze and other strong and natural materials has continued. In 2001, he began an apprenticeship with Andrej Pitynski at the Johnson Atelier, becoming part of the teaching staff in the sand foundry. Later he worked and taught at the Digital Stone Project.  He currently lives in New York and maintains a studio at Grounds for Sculpture.

Scot W. Thompson
Fast Food
, 2001
Cast iron
20” x 14” x 4”
Starting bid: $2,300
The first iron sculpture made by Thompson featuring a psychological still life.


Clifford Ward
Clifford Ward is a sculptor/painter who has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums. Having been a member of the technical teaching staff at the Johnson Atelier, he has taught many workshops in a special technique for using plaster bandage that was developed by the artist. Clifford maintains a studio at Grounds For Sculpture.

Clifford Ward
, 2009
Mixed media (plaster bandage)
22” x 15” x 15”
Starting bid: $570
Large egg-like piece with directional crayon drippings on a base.

Clifford Ward
Masked Tattoo,
Mixed media (plaster bandage)
17” x 8” x 13”
Starting bid: $1,570
Anthropomorphic mask.

Andrew Wilkinson
“My dual background in fine art and commercial art, specifically marketing and media communications, has led me to develop a style that borrows from both popular culture and subcultures. Combined with an interest in Surrealism and Pop Art, my work explores the re-contextualization of ordinary objects, where a conscious choice of materials alters the perception and function of such quotidian objects. I typically draw inspiration from my childhood memories and notions of cultural displacement. In addition, much of my art communicates a social critique of mass consumption by exploiting the paradox of consumerism and the power of iconography. I strive to make work that mimes the concepts and aesthetics behind manufactured products and that which engenders rumination on the boundaries between ‘high’ and ‘low’.”

Andrew Wilkinson
Paper Bag,
10” x 5.5” x 14”
Starting bid: $1,200

Andrew Wilkinson
2.5” x 6.75” x 2”
Starting bid: $375

Autin Wright

Autin Wright, who is originally from Kingston, Jamaica, has been a staff member of the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture since 1993, where he is currently the technical supervisor for Paint and Patina.  In 1985, he earned his Fine Arts and Art Education Diploma from the Edna Manley School of Visual Art in Kingston, Jamaica, and then moved to the United States to attend school at the Connecticut Institute of Art, Greenwich, CT, graduating in 1991. He maintains a studio at Grounds For Sculpture.

Autin Wright
Abstract Wood Sculpture I
, 2011
Black walnut and tinted epoxy
34” x 17” x 17”
Starting bid: $5,720
An abstract exploration of forms in wood.

Autin Wright
Abstract Wood Sculpture II
, 2011
Black walnut and tinted epoxy
34” x 17” x 17”
Starting bid: $5,720
An abstract exploration of forms in wood.

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Fall Workshops 2011

By Cassandra Demski, Curator of Education

Welcome fall with these upcoming workshops and events at Grounds For Sculpture!  Our workshops are a great opportunity to try your hand creating art under the instruction of local artists.  Explore new art materials and techniques and surprise yourself with your creativity. Space is limited in the workshops — don’t miss out — register today! And for teachers, professional development certificates can be provided for art workshops upon request.

On Saturday, October 8th we are holding our annual PUMPKIN CARVING DEMONSTRATION.  Do you love carving pumpkins and want to learn intricate carving methods? Come watch Ashley Campbell, pumpkin carver extraordinaire, work her magic. She employs the “surface sculpted” technique of carving away the outside layer to reveal the fleshy interior to design a “ghoulish” face. This event begins at 2pm and is free with park admission.

On Friday, October 14th Grounds For Sculpture is partnering with the International Sculpture Center to present a panel discussion about the topic PUBLIC SCULPTURE: CREATING COMMUNITY AND CULTURAL VITALITY.  The ISC and GFS bring you an interactive panel discussion exploring the dynamic processes and constructive relationships that form when sculpture becomes part of a community.  The knowledgeable and experienced panelists will share their perspectives on the best practices in public sculpture creation and the positive effects that public art has on community vitality. For event and registration information, visit, call 609.689.1051 ext 302 or email   This event runs from 2-5pm and costs $15 to attend.

On Saturday October 22, GFS is hosting our first ever PUMPKIN CARVING WORKSHOP from 2-4pm.  This is a great workshop to enjoy with your family members.  Learn how to create custom designs to set your jack-o-lanterns apart from the rest. Under the guidance of Ashley Campbell, families will work together on pumpkins ready for carving.  Patterns, pumpkins and specialized tool kits will be provided. Space is limited! To register, please call 609.586.0616.  $65 GFS Members; $75 Non-members.  Materials fee is per family and covers one large pumpkin and tools.


Saturday October 22 is also the first day of our four-week family workshop, BUILDING VESSELS WITH PLASTER BANDAGE from 10:30am-1:30pm Discover how to make large vessels using plaster bandages from Artist-in-the-Park, Clifford Ward.  You’ll find many possibilities using this unique medium.  Emphasis will be placed on the creative process, construction and finishing.  Each duo of student and adult companion will create its own distinctive vessel with guidance from the instructor.  You’ll be surprised by this remarkably versatile material! To register, please call 609.586.0616.  $165 Members; $185 Non-Members.

To round out the month of October, we are offering a HANDMADE JAPANESE PAPER AND BOOK ARTS WORKSHOP STARTING on October 29 and running for 4 weeks from 1-4pm.  Make stunning handmade art papers using time-honored traditional Japanese methods.  In this four-session workshop, you’ll create several one-of-a-kind papers, some of which you will use to create a miniature book which beautifully displays the delicate, translucent papers.   To register, please call 609.586.0616.  $270 Members; $290 Non-Members. 

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2011 Epicurean Palette Silent Auction

On September 25, 2011, from 1 – 4 pm, rain or shine, join hundreds of food, wine, and art lovers for an afternoon of pure culinary delight all for the benefit of the nonprofit Grounds For Sculpture at the 11th annual Epicurean Palette.

In addition to inviting patrons to feast on an array of food prepared by master chefs, Epicurean Palette features an equally outstanding selection of wines donated by the area’s top importers and distributors. Under festive tents set up throughout the sculpture park, chefs will serve tasting portions of their signature dishes, while wine and spirit purveyors offer vibrant accompaniments. With the park closed to the public that day, guests can enjoy all the culinary wonders while strolling the unique and fascinating landscape of the contemporary sculpture park. Live music will play throughout the park, and a raffle will be held for an Apple iPad2, courtesy of Mercadien Technologies.

In addition, guests may also bid at the 2nd annual Epicurean Palette Silent Auction on an array of original art and crafts, entertainment offerings, spa services, vacation packages and much more.

Take a look at the exciting items up for bid at this year’s Silent Auction, to be located in the Domestic Arts Building. Bidding ends at 3:30 pm.


1. Weekend in Philadelphia
Opening bid: $200 (value: $424)

Head to the “city of brotherly love” for a weekend of culture, food, and luxury sleep.  This package includes an overnight stay, brunch and a tour for 2 at the Union League, as well as 8 tickets to the Franklin Institute.


2. Weekend at Grounds For Sculpture

Opening bid: $250 (value: $500)
Grab this rare opportunity to stay overnight in our beautiful Visiting Artist Apartment for one night, located above Rat’s Restaurant. Enjoy a breakfast basket and two front-row tickets to a concert of your choice from our 2011-2012 season.

3. Lover’s Escape in Princeton
Opening bid: $200 (value: $425)

Escape into the enchanting world of theater at McCarter Theater, located in downtown Princeton. With a choice of five performances from the 2011-2012 Theater Series, there’s something for all tastes. The performances include: Ten Cents A Dance, Phaedra Backwards, The Convert, Travesties, and Are You There, McPhee?  Then, keep the romance going with a night at the Inn at Glencairn, a boutique hotel in a meticulously renovated 1736 Georgian manor.  The next day, tantalize your tastebuds with a premium wine tasting for eight in the unique historic 1858 tasting room at Unionville Vineyards.


4. GFS Moonlight Tour Spring 2012

Opening bid: $100 (value: $200)

A private Moonlight Tour for up to10 people! Let the magnificence of Grounds For Sculpture by moonlight wow you and your friends in an experience like no other. This popular program features an informative docent-led tour and the majesty of the park all lit up in evening brilliance.

5. Picnic in the Park
Opening bid: $50 (value: $100)

Sit on the grass or stroll through the sculptures and take in the breath-taking ambience at GFS with a premium Peacock Café picnic basket in hand, including cured meats and cheeses, salads, sandwiches, special desserts, and a bottle of wine. This delightful day-trip includes two complimentary admissions GFS.

6. Magic Kingdom Vacation

Opening bid: $300 (value: $600)

Plan your family vacation and create memories for a lifetime. Stay for a week in a 4 bedroom tropical themed townhome just a few miles from Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios and thousands of other attractions at The Emerald Island Resort in Kissimmee, FL. This luxury resort features a heated pool, hot tub, tiki bar, playground picnic area, volleyball court, and bike path.


7. A Day at the Races

Opening bid: $200 (value: $750)
Let H. Robb Levinsky, founder and racing manager of Kenwood Racing, give you and five friends a behind the scenes look into the Sport of Kings!  Join Mr. Levinsky for an entertaining day of racing at Monmouth Park and experience the excitement of “The Shore’s Greatest Stretch” as you receive a behind the scenes tour of the paddock area and racing office, as well as a meet and greet with some of Monmouth’s top trainers.  Take in the races from Kenwood’s Parterre box and enjoy wine, appetizers and soft drinks while you receive handicapping tips and top selections from Mr. Levinsky.

8. Casting with a Master

Opening bid: $400 (value: $800)

We are very pleased to offer this amazing opportunity to create an original cast sculpture from start to finish with a master of the technique, and “Artist in the Park” Gyuri Hollosy. In this private 7 session class, you will be guided step-by-step from clay to resin in creating a sculptural portrait. During the first 4 sessions, Gyuri will help you build an armature and teach you to construct your portrait in clay. Then the following 3 sessions will be devoted to mold-making, casting in the artist’s own special formula of resin and sawdust, and then finishing the sculpture. All classes will be held in the artist’s studio at Grounds For Sculpture.

9. Breaking the Mold

Opening bid: $250 (value: $500)

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work individually with an artist in their medium. Join Clifford Ward, an experienced artist educator and “Artist in the Park” for a 4 session class and create an embellished headdress sculpture in plaster. During the first session, Cliff will help you cast your face in plaster, in the second session you will embellish the mask, in the third you will create the headdress and assemble the parts, and in the fourth you will finish with paint and patina. All classes will be held in the artist’s studio at Grounds For Sculpture. You must be comfortable with applying the safe, non-toxic material of plaster bandage to your face.


10. Private Chef

Opening bid: $600 (value: $1800)

Let Rat’s own executive chef, Shane Cash, prepare a delicious six course tasting meal (3 hors d’oeuvres, 3 course dinner) for 6 guests in the exclusive and private Rat Hole – an exquisite chef’s table in a beautifully appointed room tucked deep inside the restaurant. Also includes 1 signature Starr beverage and soft beverages.

photo by Marie Labbancz


11. Six wines from Rat’s wine cellar

Opening bid: $500 (value: $1000)

Cellar raid! Get a personal tour of the wine cellar and take your pick of 6 bottles from the impressive collection.


12. GFS Sculpture Hunt Experience

Opening bid: $200 (value: $500)

Bid on a private Sculpture Hunt Experience for up to 25 people! The Sculpture Hunt is a fun and energetic introduction to Grounds For Sculpture, a great way to celebrate a birthday, family reunion, office outing, or just to have fun with friends.  An educator will greet your group and give a brief orientation to the park and the 1-hour activity.  Your group will be split into smaller teams, who will compete to win prizes for being the fastest to complete questions and find selected outdoor sculptures.


13. Four Rat’s Charger Plates: Seasons of Sculpture
Opening bid: $150 (value: $300)

A new set of colorful and decorative Charger Plates for each season is the perfect way to take a little bit of the Grounds For Sculpture home with you. These designs are hot off the press and not yet available in our gift stores! These plates feature the Giverny Bridge and sculptures by Horace Farlowe and Seward Johnson.


14. Out of Towner

Opening bid: $200 (value: $420)

A wonderful getaway for yourself, or an out of town guest. First, enjoy a delicious meal for two at Salt Creek Grille. Then, sleep soundly at the Princeton Marriott at Forrestal and awake to pampering with an invigorating massage. Featuring one of the top day spas in Princeton, this hotel offers all of the amenities of a typical resort including a health club, swimming pool, jogging, indoor tennis and recreational facilities, and 35,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art meeting space.


15. GFS Gifts, Gear, and Membership Basket

Opening bid: $200 (value: $400)

Bring your family to GFS all year long and show your love with a selection of GFS gifts and gear to go with a Family Plus Membership.  This membership includes: Year-round general admission to the park and indoor galleries for the cardholder, one additional adult and all children seventeen and under living at the cardholder’s address. Six one-time use guest passes. Invitation for two to members-only exhibition openings and special events. 10% discount at Rat’s Restaurant and The Peacock Café and at the Toad Hall and Museum gift shops. 10% discount on all classes, workshops and lectures. Free exhibition catalog and site map. A docent-led tour of GFS for up to 10 free-admission guests.


16. Awkward Family Photo

Opening bid: $200 (value: $2000)

Okay, so maybe the return of the mullet hairstyle was not such a great idea, but you can still create a lasting memory of you and those you love with a 14″ wall portrait (unframed) on canvas. Artist enhanced from Kramer Photography. Photo can include up to 8 people.

17. Family Membership to Newark Museum

Opening bid: $30 (value: $60)

Bring culture and learning to your family time together with a membership to the Newark Museum. This membership provides one year free admission for two adults and up to four children (through age 16) in addition to many other membership benefits to the Newark Museum.


18. Baseball Fan

Opening bid: $50 (value: $130)

Let Starr Tours take you out to the ball game with transportation and 2 tickets to see a NY Yankees game during the 2012 season at Yankees Stadium! Keep your baseball fix going with 4 tickets to see the Trenton Thunder.


19. International Sculpture Center Basic Membership

Opening bid: $35 (value: $100)

Being a member of the International Sculpture Center is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of sculpture. This one year subscription  includes 10 issues of Sculpture, the ISC’s members-only newsletter, a listing on Portfolio within the ISC’s website, access to password-protected areas of, and reduced registration fees for ISC conferences and workshops. In addition there are discounts on supplies and services from ISC vendor members, and awards, solo exhibitions, and other notable news eligible to be published in On Record.


20. Quiet Mask

Opening bid: $2000

A zen-like ink drawing by acclaimed artist and Board Member, Elizabeth Strong Cuevas. This original drawing on hand-made Indian paper features the elegant simplicity of Strong Cuevas’ modern style.


21. Singer of Tales

Opening bid: $150 (value: $350)

This signed and numbered fine art print by sculptor Jon Isherwood is a silkscreened image of the 3D rendering process that the artist uses to create his undulating stone sculptures. No. 44 of 50.


22. Dinner and a Show #1

Opening bid: $70 (value: $146)

Catch a great act in your local theater, Concerts at the Crossing, in Titusville, NJ (2 tickets) to see David Wax Museum on November 19, 2011. They are kicking up a cloud of excitement with their high-energy border-crossing sensibility, fusing traditional Mexican folk with American roots and indie rock. Then, dine at the unique New Hope, PA restaurant, Marsha Brown featuring refined Creole cuisine of New Orleans.


23. Dinner and a Show #2

Opening bid: $80 (value: $180)

Catch a great act in your local theater, Concerts at the Crossing, in Titusville, NJ (4 tickets) to see The Write Stuff, Vol. 1 on April 21, 2012.  A celebration of the works of legendary classic country songwriters, featuring the songs of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Buck Owens, and Willie Nelson. Then, dine at the unique New Hope, PA restaurant, Marsha Brown featuring refined Creole cuisine of New Orleans.


24. Paint the Town

Opening bid: $35 (value: $75)

Go shopping or take a class at the Lawrenceville Main Street Artists Network. This volunteer-led organization is dedicated to fostering a creative, nurturing community for both local artists and Lawrenceville residents and visitors.


25. Brand-new You

Opening bid: $110 (value: $300)

Gain back some years lost to sun damage, stress, etc. with a gift certificate for any of the non-surgical skin rejuvenation services and anti-aging treatments offered at La Chelé Medical Spa in New Hope, PA. Keep the pampered you happy with a massage at the tranquil Zanya Spa Salon in Lambertville, NJ.

26. Miele Salsa Vacuum

Opening bid: $300 (value: $699)
Muy caliente! The Miele vacuum is the ultimate in cleaning machines, and this one comes in a saucy red color to perk up your chores. This upright vacuum provides superior filtration performance and cleaning ability. In addition, it includes an impressive 54-foot cleaning radius, patented Swivel-neck for maximum maneuverability, 12-foot, integrated, flexible hose, anti-tipping device for enhanced stability when using included accessories, reinforced, ergonomic handles for both operation and transport/carrying, and a two-year warranty.


27. Top Chef

Opening bid: $400 (value: $975)

Learn the secrets of the masters and work in a professional kitchen side by side with the chefs of Provence Catering to create a stunning meal for 4 to take home. Provence Catering is the mid-Atlantic region’s premier off premise, custom-to-the-client caterer proudly offering their discerning social, corporate and university clientele the highest level of full-service hospitality and event planning.

28. You’re a Gem

Opening bid: $85 (value: $185)

This stunning gemstone and semi-precious necklace was designed and hand-strung by the experts at Bucks County Beads in Newtown, PA. The Amozonite Quartz pendant is a smoky merlot color with a strand of alternating aquamarine and garnet colored Czech glass beads.

29. Portrait of an Artist

Opening bid: $60 (value: $180)

Get to know Annie. Annie Leibovitz has photographed musicians, actors, and writers since the early 1970s, capturing some of the most enduring images of our time. This Random House book collection includes 4 publications of the work of this celebrated photographer. They are: Pilgrimage (first edition), American Music, Annie Leibovitz at Work, and A Photographer’s Life.

30. Crane Quilt

Opening bid: $100 (value: $250)

A beautiful adornment for the home, this handmade quilt by Linda Popken features crane motifs in the fabric as well as intricate stitching. A native from Le Mars, Iowa (the Ice Cream Capital of the World), Ms. Popken started quilting in 1992.  As a winner of the Robert Kaufman 2008 Quilt Gage Contest, her winning quilt was exhibited in numerous cultural venues throughout the United States. She is currently designing quilt patters under the name of Linda Lou DeZines, and is in the process of designing art to be printed on fabric for home décor. She has made hundreds of quilts for private individuals, and has generously donated quilts for the last 19 years to auctions for charities, with quilts selling for as much as $3900.

31. Flower Quilt

Opening bid: $50 (value: $150)

A beautiful gift for a girl’s bedroom, this handmade quilt by Linda Popken features cheerful multi-colored flower appliques. A native from Le Mars, Iowa (the Ice Cream Capital of the World), Ms. Popken started quilting in 1992.  As a winner of the Robert Kaufman 2008 Quilt Gage Contest, her winning quilt was exhibited in numerous cultural venues throughout the United States. She is currently designing quilt patters under the name of Linda Lou DeZines, and is in the process of designing art to be printed on fabric for home décor. She has made hundreds of quilts for private individuals, and has generously donated quilts for the last 19 years to auctions for charities, with quilts selling for as much as $3900.

32. South Jersey Sizzle

Opening bid: $25 (value $50)

Update your look and get a little glam at Rizzieri Salon & Spa in Marlton, NJ with this certificate for any of their top quality beauty services.


33. Far East Artistry

Opening bid: $50 (value $190)

Add some Far East artistry to your home with this collector’s package of a Yixing tea set and 3 Chinese scrolls. Prized by collectors all over the world, what makes an Yixing teapot unique is that the inside is never glazed. This set is an award winner of year 2000 International Tea Industry Exhibit, Wuhu, China and designed and manufactured by Shuaiyuan Zisha Studio and Company. Also in this package are three beautiful Chinese scrolls. Two are hand-painted replicas of works by Zhang Daqian, who was one of the most internationally renowned Chinese artists of the 20th century. These include a peony and a mountain snow scene. The other is a printed replica of 100 Noble Steeds by Giuseppe Castglione (1688-1766), or as he is known by his Chinese name, Lang Shih-ning. Trained as a painter and architect in Italy, he served as a court painter for Emperor Chien Lung. His paintings are characterized by combining Western realism with traditional Chinese brushwork.

34. Jay Strongwater Frame

Opening bid: $75 (value $350)

The internationally known American designer Jay Strongwater brings back to us the beauty and elegance of the old world. His exclusive designs are hand-enameled on metal and adorned with Swarovski crystal. Handcrafted in the US, every piece is a treasure and a collectible item that will be cherished for generations.

35. Body in Motion

Opening bid: $70 (value $145)

Get healthy, stay fit, and keep your body moving with a 2 month membership to RWJ Hamilton Center For Health & Wellness. Their goal is to provide you with the proper environment, education, motivation, and professional instruction to help you achieve your fitness goals.


36. Take Chef Home

Opening bid: $500 (value: $1200)

Let Starr Restaurant group provide a chef to prepare a delicious 5 course tasting meal for 6 guests in the comfort of your own home.  Also includes 1 signature Starr beverage and soft beverages.

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By Brenda Usdin and Judy Weinberg

My husband and I love Grounds For Sculpture.  We’ve been any number of times through the grounds and always discover some secret something that we’ve never seen before.  We especially enjoy bringing family and friends and watching them discover The Grounds.  However, I can say with absolute certainty that my most cherished moment at GFS was the first time we brought our daughter with us.  She was wide-eyed and had pure delight in her eyes when she realized that, unlike most art galleries and museums, she could actually touch some of the beautiful art.  She was five in these photos.  Now she is eight and is still as enthralled with GFS as are we.

Brenda Usdin

We’ve visited Grounds For Sculpture several times as a family over the years. It has become a tradition to visit randomly with our son as he’s grown. We visit permanent pieces as if they were old friends, enjoy newly acquired pieces with joy, and find a new piece or nook that was always there yet undiscovered by us.  GFS is one of our most favorite places; we have recommended it to many friends looking for something different to do – no one has ever been disappointed!

Judy Weinberg

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Roots by Steve Tobin, 2005, Cast Bronze. Courtesy the Artist. Photo by David Steele.

By Aura Star, Volunteer Docent

HEAPS, PILES, PROFUSION, MULTITUDES, GAZILLION large metal forms, circles, I-beams, rods. This residue of manufacture  of rusted scrap steel greets us at the front of Steve Tobin’s studio/warehouse.These discarded pieces are the raw material for the “new life’ as art that will be given them by Steve Tobin.  Steve Tobin is known to us at GFS by a recently installed signature piece of his:

The blood red tree roots modeled from an actual tree. His association with the creation of real tree roots cast in bronze as a tall standing sculpture that can be entered under is one of his signatures.  He is most well known to the public since he rescued the  root of the tree that saved Trinity church in lower Manhattan from the debris fallout of 9/11. On September 11, 2005 he placed these reconstituted roots in bronze on the church site to memorialize this event.  Steve Tobin in this age of indifference is strongly engaged with his environment. He brings life to the discards of modern society..

His naturalistic bronze imprints are of roots, termite mounds that he had cast in Ghana. He has preserved in bronze, the forest floor. He is proud that he has developed a special technique that can preserve the thin pine needles as well as the gossamer insect wings in some of his forest floor works.

Formed  into large window-like design are the bronze forest floor molds.

Other large window like frames are filled with, hundreds of ears of corn, hundreds of carrots, hundreds of individual  breads, cakes, bagels, muffins aligned together forever in cast bronze in a reverent and aesthetic manner. They remind one of cathedral windows.

Steve Tobin is the alchemist who creates permanence and beauty from the detritus of  the environment.

He has preserved for art  the forest floor that would eventually return to the earth as humus.

This applies as well to  the organic materials he uses in creating  his windows.

So what about the women’s shoes filled with asparagus, string beans, mushrooms, crackers, beets?  On display were shelves of these shoes filled with edibles. The shoes are real but have been cast in bronze as are the edibles that fill them.  These represent for Steve the architectural and the natural juxtaposed in a statement about the relationship of man and nature and about the manufactured imaginative and the natural.  On display were shelves with such shoes lined up. There were perhaps about 48 individual shoes filled with corn, olives, lettuce and grapes.  Each shoe sells for $1500.00  but you would need at least ten or twenty to get a full range of this genre. PROFUSION, MULTITUDES are present in all these assembled works…

All productions of Tobin’s were enormous and overwhelming from the piles of steel discards to the finished products.  There were multiples of each design idea.  All were original because he makes no duplicates.  Tobin has created art from the dross of industrial processes, a sunflower  and  urchin from discarded metal tubes  used to launch fireworks,   5000 metal letter trees  form a ball 6 feet in diameter syntax. He was happy to report it had just been sold so he wouldn’t have to sell his studio. Also purchased was Rebirth;  an aggregate of leaning I-beam ends assembled to resemble a crowd of some sort.  A number of people in our group mentioned that it resembled the Jewish graveyard in Prague where many bodies were buried and tombstones crowded together were leaning into each other.

Yes, said Steve, it does represent this idea. The graveyard will continue to crumble, but Steve’s sculpture will endure the ravages of time.

Another amazing rebirth are the wavelike walls he created of buffalo and cow bones. There are five- thousand bones in the piece. It rises as a wave and symbolizes life moving upward and onwards towards its inevitable end. Life and death are represented in this lacy, strong and wonderful piece.

It creates awe and a reverence for the life once in these bones.

Creating order is but one facet of Tobin art.  Two of his houses were in the studio– The Glass Lantern House.  From the 1890’s to about the 1930’s images were captured on glass and shown through an unwieldy projector.  With the advent of modern photography and slides on film, thousands of thee lantern slides remained as relics in college classrooms.  The University of Pennsylvania gave Steve Tobin a collection of 30,000 slides so he built a house.  The house lets in light so you can walk inside it and see a history of images, flowers, monuments, graphs, dinosaurs and whatever images were used in history, geography, physics, biology and even alchemy classrooms.  From the dark cellars of academia slides were rescued and transformed into a shrine.  There is also a matzo house made of bronze matzos with patterns of holes.  In entering this house you are aware of the light that passes through these holes and are reminded of the Passover ritual representing the Exodus of jews from Egypt that is celebrated annually by Jews worldwide.  Tobin captures and orders history into shrines

A new art form he is currently exploring is called exploded clay.  Not satisfied with bringing order to artifacts, he has been creating his own version of the “big bang.”  As a finale to our visit, Tobin led us outside to view a large wok like container.  In it was a wet clay cylinder  weighing 3000 pounds. He punched a hole in the center with a baseball bat,  placed 2 tablespoons of fireworks explosives, filled the hole with porcelain powder, put on ear muffs stepped away from this assemblage, pressed the detonator and then a loud boom and smoke followed.  We viewed the exploded clay. A sculpture had been born.

This exploded clay sculpture, all 3000 pounds of it, is left in the wok to dry for one year.  When it is dry it will be glazed and fired at 2400 degrees.  In the bowl of this explosion  clear glass is dumped in.

It will form a pool of colored and glazed glass.  This is how the world began and our trip ended. It began with detritus that is transformed into art through Steve Tobin’s  imagination and energy.  Destruction or chaos can lead to order. Think of the earth’s creation. In the beginning  there was chaos.

Tobin seeks to create order through entropy by organizing and preserving as well as creating.

This mimics the creation of our universe shaped through natural processes of cosmic creation.

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Habitat for Humanity, East Trenton

Grounds For Sculpture has been working with the
Habitat for Humanity of East Trenton’s “Learning Lab”
each Tuesday this month to create marvelous works of art!

Photos by Jenn Korolenko and Cassandra Demski


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Lotus Flowers

by Jerry Williams, docent

I had two tours over the past week with guests who were in awe of the size of the lotus flowers. Last week I had a family from China who stood at the pond with their jaws agape. Their spokesperson said that in China they only grow to be about two feet high. Today, I had someone from India on a tour. He mentioned that the lotus is the official flower of India (what’s Americas?) and only grow to about 2 feet. What have they done to have lotus flowers hover about 6-8 feet above the surface of the water in the pond by the gazebo? Interesting!

Photo by Jody Kendall

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Steve Tobin Down the Shore

By Linda Pickering, Docent

As you can see on the autumn calendar, Steve Tobin’s Aerial Roots exhibit in the new seven-acre wildflower meadow (“the Meadow”) at Grounds For Sculpture will open on September 17, 2011.  Aerial Roots will be on display for four seasons so visitors may return to marvel at how these soaring steel forms change with light, weather, foliage, and time.  Everyone at GFS is excited and anticipating the opening of both the new Meadow and the Tobin exhibit.

Knowing this, I was surprised to see a familiar-looking form on the Bay side of Long Beach Boulevard in Loveladies on Long Beach Island.  Pulling in alongside the 1950s “Michael Ryan Architect” building, I saw more “Roots” behind.  The pop-up gallery was opened by Ryan this past June as a way to use the classic building that no longer holds his architect’s firm.

Several pieces from Tobin’s Roots series stand outside, both full-size works and some maquettes.  Beyond them is a view of a lagoon lined with summer cottages and boats.  Inside, there are pieces from his Syntax series (swirls of cast bronze letters and numbers), dozens of cast bronze shoes overflowing with fruits and vegetables, and a whole wall of Tobin’s exploded clay works.

If you’re on LBI before August 28, you can stop in and spend a delightful hour at the shore, inhaling sea air and high art.  And then, as summer gets ready to call it quits, plan your visit to Grounds For Sculpture, the new Meadow and the Steve Tobin exhibit.

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Summer Social 2011

By Jenn Korolenko, Education Assistant

Join us this Saturday, August 6 at The Grounds for our annual Summer Social!!!!  For those who have seen me floating around you know how I feel about this decade (sporting vintage glasses and all).  Come see all of the staff dressed in fifties garb, make yourself a sundae, learn to swing dance or create your very own retro masterpiece at one of our workshops!!!!  It’s going to be just peachy keen!


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Bastille Day Party and Waiter Race at Grounds For Sculpture

By Jenn Korolenko, Education Assistant

For the first time, Grounds For Sculpture will be celebrating Bastille Day with a party and traditional waiter race in the park! Admission will be only $6 after 4:30pm on July 14, 2011.  The fun begins at 4:30 when we will “tailgate” for the race on Rat’s patios as well as at the Gazebo! There will be French 75’s flowing, along with French wine, cheese and charcuterie (only an additional $6 for the food). The Race begins at 6pm at the Nine Muses, prizes will be awarded at 6:30pm. The evening ends with dinner at Rat’s by reservation and light fare at TheGrill by the Domestic Arts Building. Call 609-584-7800 for dinner reservations.

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