Meet the Staff

Elizabeth Berkowitz, Coordinator of Volunteer Services

I began working at the Grounds For Sculpture nearly three years ago. Before that, I had been working for ten years with young children. It was time to start interacting with adults again and I was lucky enough to find a job working in the Museum Shop. Little did I know just how many young children I would encounter working in the shop with the many school groups that visit us. Shortly after starting, I felt right at home with both children and adults learning the ropes in the shop and getting to explore the wonderful Grounds for Sculpture!

Working in the shop, I became more and more familiar with the Volunteer program and when the time was right I started working as par- time Coordinator of Volunteer Services. In January 2010, my job as Coordinator of Volunteer Services became full time. I have been working closely with the volunteers , as we began a new program in the Visitor Center. Things seem to be moving in the right direction and many of our Volunteers are taking on the challenge to work in the Visitor Center. I am also excited to be co-teaching the summer docent class.

I love being here, everyday is different. The changes over the last three years have been so exciting I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Bonnie Brown, Director of Operations

I’ve had the pleasure of being with Grounds For Sculpture for the last ten years.  Ten years ago, I was hired to help GFS in its metamorphosis from a privately operated organization into the public non-profit it is today.  Starting up the Admissions Department (whose first employee was Yvonne Exedaktilos, currently the department manager), the Membership Program (still me!), and the Events Department was an exciting challenge. A lot of what we tried was, frankly, trial and error, but today I am proud of every one of our programs, and we still have the ability to encourage creative thought and experimentation when developing new and engaging events and workshops for our patrons.

Many of our members have been with us since the beginning (and they know who they are!) and for their loyalty and support, I can not thank them enough. I’m still able to give that personal touch and that direct line to the Membership Office which hopefully let’s our members know we care. Over the years I have seen colleagues come and go, but the constant has always been our ability to pull together throughout our “growing pains” and create a truly unique and magical place for friends, families, and the community.  The commitment of the GFS staff is overwhelming and I look forward to being here for our continuing development.

Cassandra Demski with Peter Woytuk's Bull (#4)

Cassandra Demski, Curator of Education

I’m new to Grounds For Sculpture and it’s still hard for me to believe I work in such an amazing place.  The landscape and sculptures are not only beautiful, but also inspiring.  Nearly every time I walk through the park, I notice something I had missed before.   As the Curator of Education, my role at Grounds For Sculpture is to manage the educational programming.  I oversee art workshops for children, adults, and families, as well as plan and coordinate lectures, tours, corporate programs, and one-day events.  In addition, I hire artist instructors and oversee the volunteer and docent programs.  I am thrilled to be part of this staff and am excited to be creating fun and educational programming for visitors.

Coby Green-Rifkin, Director of Marketing

I’ve been at Grounds For Sculpture for just over a year now and I love it.  Not only is it an incredible visual environment, but I am surrounded every day by people who inspire me through their own creativity, through the sheer buoyancy of their personality, or through the wealth of knowledge and insight they possess.

We’ve just come into one of my favorite seasons here. There is that moment when the new leaves unfurl and, almost overnight, everything is once again lush and verdant.  It’s a spectacular feat of Mother Nature (and our meticulous gardeners).  As spring unfolds and the weather warms, so too do our marketing initiatives.  In May and June, you’ll be able to see our newest billboard on Route 295, one mile before exit 65B.  And, depending on the newspapers and magazines you read, the radio stations you listen to and the television stations you watch, you might catch some of the other work our marketing department is doing.

Visit soon—and bring your friends!

Rhonda DiMascio

Rhonda DiMascio, Director of Development

I have the distinction of being one of the newest kids on the block. I have had the pleasure of working for Grounds For Sculpture for just three weeks now and I love it!  Both the staff and the volunteers have gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and welcome in my new environment. Grounds For Sculpture is a truly special place and I am inspired by the art and the programs, as well as by all those who work so hard to make this site a wonderful destination for our many visitors. As Grounds For Sculpture’s first Development Director, I am very excited to be leading the process of developing a funding program that will help to sustain and provide educational programs and services that will benefit the community in the years ahead. Fundraising is a group effort, and I really look forward to working with everyone to help this organization grow. Please feel free to come visit me (I have a bathroom and shower) anytime. My office is on the right of the gate that is over by Toad Hall.

Yvonne Exedaktilos, Admissions Manager

I have been with Grounds For Sculpture for ten years.  I started out part time (Sunday’s only) in the little booth that was in our parking lot  near what is now Damascus Gate.  I did that for two years. Then Bonnie Brown asked me to join the GFS team.  At that time, I was employed full time at another place, but  I accepted Bonnie’s offer and became full time here at GFS with the Admissions Department.  In time, I became the supervisor of the department, overseeing a staff of five  and then of seven during the so–called “busy season”.  I am now the Admissions Manager, overseeing eleven staff on a daily basis.  There is now a total of twenty staff  in the Admissions Department.  Two of them are the supervisors on weekends.  I now also do all of the banking for this department, working closely with our CFO & Payroll Manager.

It has been a pleasure to watch this organization grow over the past ten years, and it has helped me grow along with it.  Working here has been such a rewarding experience that I still get chills of happiness each and every morning when I reach the gates, knowing that I work in such a beautiful environment with such beautiful people.  I will continue doing the best that I can.  This is what every employee at GFS has been doing.  This is why we are so successful!  Our hearts are in this organization.

Aylin Green. Photo by John K. Robson.

Aylin Green, Development Associate

Just like so many visitors to Grounds For Sculpture, the first time I set foot on the property, I knew I was in a special place. It was 2001 and as an artist and educator, I was impressed with not only the variety of sculptures to be found, but the beauty of the landscape and the way it enhanced each sculpture. Over the years that have followed, I have worked in many capacities at GFS from managing the education and volunteer programs, to handling PR, writing for the exhibition catalogues, working in the shop, and leading art workshops. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Grounds For Sculpture’s history, programs, and the collection that is on view, and I have always appreciated the important contributions of GFS in providing a space for contemplation, for learning, and for enjoyment. The community of artists, members, staff, and volunteers is truly special.  This is why I am excited to be serving in a new capacity, as a member of the newly formed Development Department. By helping to secure new funding for Grounds For Sculpture, I look forward to making sure that our important work not only continues, but prospers and grows to meet an expanding audience.

Michael Lariccia, Graphic Designer and Technical Marketing Specialist

As Graphic Designer and Technical Marketing Specialist for Grounds For Sculpture, I get to work with every department in the organization.  From designing email blasts for Rat’s Restaurant to creating illustrations for the GFS coloring book, I have unlimited opportunities to be creative and to let people know how special this place is.  Working at GFS is unlike any job I have had.  Lunch breaks are an occasion to walk the Grounds and relax.  Things are always changing here; new sculptures come into the Grounds and the seasons transform the landscape.  As an artist, I am inspired every time I step out of my office.  It is truly a place like no other.

Jennifer Korolenko

Jennifer Korolenko, Education Assistant

A graduate of The College of New Jersey’s Art Education program, I have worked as an Art Educator in both public and private venues. In addition to advocacy and education in the field of visual arts, I am an active artist as well; producing mostly paintings and mixed media pieces.  My work has been exhibited in various group and solo shows in the tri-state area including two group exhibitions here are Grounds for Sculpture.  I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to spend so much of my time surrounded by the creative and talented staff at Grounds For Sculpture and look forward to much more of the same.

Faith McClellan, Registrar

I have been the Registrar at Grounds For Sculpture for just over one year now.  Walking around the grounds on a beautiful sunny day I sometimes still can’t believe that I am lucky enough to work here!  And now that I have passed the one year mark and have experienced the full range of seasons, I have learned to appreciate and look forward to the changes that each season brings to the park (yes, even winter has its appeal!).

As Registrar I am one of the many people working to care for the collection and the exhibitions behind the scenes.  You may occasionally see me checking the conditions of the works or overseeing the installation of a new sculpture. Either way, I am sure to have clipboard and camera in hand!  You may see me out there more often now, since we are in the midst of updating our condition reports on all the works on the grounds.  This is the first step toward creating a long range conservation plan and making sure that future generations are able to enjoy the collection as much as we do now.



  1. love the GROUNDS but would like more info re the gardens around the sculpture thks

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