Posted by: groundsforsculpture | September 8, 2011


By Brenda Usdin and Judy Weinberg

My husband and I love Grounds For Sculpture.  We’ve been any number of times through the grounds and always discover some secret something that we’ve never seen before.  We especially enjoy bringing family and friends and watching them discover The Grounds.  However, I can say with absolute certainty that my most cherished moment at GFS was the first time we brought our daughter with us.  She was wide-eyed and had pure delight in her eyes when she realized that, unlike most art galleries and museums, she could actually touch some of the beautiful art.  She was five in these photos.  Now she is eight and is still as enthralled with GFS as are we.

Brenda Usdin

We’ve visited Grounds For Sculpture several times as a family over the years. It has become a tradition to visit randomly with our son as he’s grown. We visit permanent pieces as if they were old friends, enjoy newly acquired pieces with joy, and find a new piece or nook that was always there yet undiscovered by us.  GFS is one of our most favorite places; we have recommended it to many friends looking for something different to do – no one has ever been disappointed!

Judy Weinberg


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