Posted by: groundsforsculpture | August 18, 2011

Lotus Flowers

by Jerry Williams, docent

I had two tours over the past week with guests who were in awe of the size of the lotus flowers. Last week I had a family from China who stood at the pond with their jaws agape. Their spokesperson said that in China they only grow to be about two feet high. Today, I had someone from India on a tour. He mentioned that the lotus is the official flower of India (what’s Americas?) and only grow to about 2 feet. What have they done to have lotus flowers hover about 6-8 feet above the surface of the water in the pond by the gazebo? Interesting!

Photo by Jody Kendall



  1. The lotus flowers are incredible! I shot several images of it during a recent visit to GFS and could not believe how large and beautiful they look.

  2. I’ve enjoyed the lotus growing and blooming and seed-pod forming life cycle each year since they were first planted. It’s amazing to me how quickly these plants have grown and overtaken the whole pond by the Gazebo and half the pond by the Johnson building.

    This year I had the pleasure of watching several duckling a few weeks old, scrambling on top of some of the floating leaves. Low and behold – the leaves actually supported the weight of the ducklings. In fact there were two ducklings on one leaf at the same time!

    When I was in Bali, I saw lotus plants in Ubud that were almost as tall as Grounds for Sculpture’s plants – certainly taller than 2 feet.

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