Posted by: groundsforsculpture | June 2, 2011

Spring/Summer Curator’s Walk

James Surls, Standing Vase with Five Flowers, 2005, bronze and stainless steel.

By Virginia Steel , Curator of Exhibitions and Jenn Korolenko, Education Assistant

On May 21st a select few participants had the pleasure of exploring some of GFS’ contemporary works with our Curator of Exhibitions, Virginia Steel.  Virginia has been with us at GFS for about two months now and it was interesting to explore the pieces that she felt were most compelling in the two session tour. Below is a list of the pieces that we discussed and viewed on our walks.  We hope do more tours like this one in the future!


Peter Voulkos

Missoula, 1995

Cast bronze, MAY TOUCH


Khang Pham-New

Escutcheon, 2008

Yellow granite, DO NOT TOUCH


Wayne Trapp

Geometry of the Cosmos, 2005

Stainless steel

# 236

Autin Wright

Carmelita, 2008

Fiberglass, LED light


Howard Kalish

Urchin, 2001




William Donnan

Pinched, 1998

Reinforced cement, DO NOT TOUCH


Linda Cunningham

War Memorial III (5 pieces), 1987

Cast bronze, MAY TOUCH


Daniel Kainz

Harmony III, 1993

Vermont marble, MAY TOUCH


Herk van Tongeren

Teatro XI, 1982

Cast and fabricated bronze, MAY TOUCH


Dorothy Ruddick

Number II, 2003

Cast bronze, MAY TOUCH


Barry Parker

Lamentation, 1993

Welded bronze, MAY TOUCH


Gordon Gund

Legacy, 2002

Cast bronze, MAY TOUCH

# 170

John Newman

Skyhook, 1998

Steel, stone, epoxy foam, epoxy resin, cable, wood, paint, DO NOT TOUCH


James Surls

Standing Vase with Five Flowers, 2005

Bronze, stainless steel, MAY TOUCH


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