Posted by: groundsforsculpture | April 28, 2011


By Freya Gervasi, Participant in the Members’ Musings Exhibition

Lily by Freya Gervasi. Photo Courtesy the Artist..

From the beginning of my career as an artist, organic forms have always been at the core of my creative expressions. I am inspired by all natural objects, especially those found at the beach and near the ocean. In fact, the submitted limestone, Lily, began as a representation of an eroded seashell which I used as the core of the sculpture. Once the basic shape and style of the stone was cut, I stopped relying on the shell model and began to carve what I “felt” and “saw” was emerging from the piece. By progressively cutting more deeply into the stone and adding more intricate shapes and angles, I created highlights and shadows which evoked an ebb and flow spiraling around the piece. The sculpture gradually evolved from that of the original eroded seashell into an abstracted form that gives the impression of being an unfolding flower.

Members’ Musings, the second annual exhibition of artwork created exclusively by members of GFS, will be on display in the Education Gallery located inside the Visitor’s Center from April 9 – June 5, 2011. In addition to supporting the arts, many GFS Members are gifted artists themselves. This exhibition showcases the diversity of our 1,900 Members through their varied artistic creations. Sixteen pieces in a variety of 2D and 3D media will be on display. We hope that you enjoy this unique exhibition.


  1. What an exquisitely beautiful piece!

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