Posted by: groundsforsculpture | April 13, 2011

A Calder Mobile Dangles above a Tony Smith Miniature

By Marcy Gekoski, Volunteer Docent 


A Calder mobile dangles above a Tony Smith miniature.  A stark white George Segal woman stands in the corner next to a black wooden Louise Nevelson assemblage.  A plexi-glass Marisol fish rests under glass, while a Ben Shahn lithograph hangs so high we would have missed it without the informed guidance of our docent’s dialogue.

These are just a sampling of the gems in Gallery #7 of the “American Perspectives:  The Fine Art Collection” at the New Jersey State Museum in nearby Trenton.  Galleries 1-8 are equally full of treasures.  They begin with early 19th century idyllic New Jersey landscapes and children’s portraits and end with 20th century abstract prints and 3-D art.  Throughout, works by New Jersey artists are identified.

The twelve GFS docents who visited this exhibit appreciated the added insights and historical background shared by our young State Museum docent.   Thrilled to learn that this exhibit is on long term display, we each planned to go back on our own to take in more of it.  It’s free!

Having ventured out on what started as a snowy, gloomy April 1st, we congratulated each other for having successfully found the museum and its parking garage!  Also, we each paid homage to the Deborah Butterfield steed that gazes out over the view of the Delaware River in a first floor gallery. The horse is made from recycled farm machinery parts, similar to one in our current GFS museum show.

Trenton tomato pies were enjoyed by all who continued our outing in Morrisville, PA at La Villa.  As we munched, we decided that we like taking field trips and brainstormed about others we can go on.  If you have ideas too, come to share them at our docent study group meetings held on the first Friday morning of each month.  Or, better yet, organize one, and we’ll be there!



  1. Marcy,

    Your trip sounds wonderful! I have been to the NJ State Museum before, but will have to go back.

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