Posted by: groundsforsculpture | April 7, 2011

Repurpose by Christine Ferrara

Repurpose by Christine Ferrara. Photo Courtesy the Artist.

By Christine Ferrara, Guest Blogger and Participant in the Members’ Musings Exhibition

I create in the realm of modern miniature design.  Within that realm, I construct environments using new and vintage dollhouse furnishings that evoke modern living with a minimalist, midcentury edge.  Since modern miniatures are still coming into the mainstream, I often repurpose everyday items to fulfill my artistic goals: to entice, to intrigue, to engage.

The main construction of this work consists of four wooden tissue cover boxes that are formed into a square shape.  That shape creates five separate rooms, much like a house, with a kitchen, living room, bath, nursery, and bedroom.  Window openings are covered in different placemats, cut to size; the flooring consists of scrap book paper and felt. Other embellishments might include jewelry charms, a photo holder, cork, erasers, and beads, many of which are found in craft stores.

The scale of this structure is closest to 1:16, which means that 3/4″ in this dollhouse is equivalent to 1foot in the “real” world.  Photography is part of the process; I immerse myself in the scene and then photograph it to transport the viewer there.  I share my creations in my blog, “Call of the Small,” where I do all the photography and writing.  You can find it here:

Members’ Musings, the second annual exhibition of artwork created exclusively by members of GFS, will be on display in the Education Gallery located inside the Visitor’s Center from April 9 – June 5, 2011.  In addition to supporting the arts, many GFS Members are gifted artists themselves.  This exhibition showcases the diversity of our 1,900 Members through their varied artistic creations.  Sixteen pieces in a variety of 2D and 3D media will be on display.  We hope that you enjoy this unique exhibition.

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