Posted by: groundsforsculpture | March 29, 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show By Claire E. Welsh

The Philadelphia Flower Show at the Pennsylvania
Center was the perfect antidote to the cold, snowy winter.
When I attended on Monday, March 7, 2011, everything was in pristine condition. Every flower was perfect.
The theme was Springtime in Paris and the hall was full
of all things French.
The connections to life at the grounds were striking –
We were greeted by a peacock surrounded by beautiful
tulips. He was all plant material with a neckpiece of
red roses.

Statues were all over the area, surrounded by blooming flowers and baskets of flowers. The variety was amazing.
There was a section on the Paris Underground, and
the winning presentation was a painting of a nude
next to a sculpture of red roses. There was beauty in
the entire concept.
The fun of the whole day was enhanced by visits to
vendors selling all sorts of flowers and plants.
Roses sold for $7.56 a dozen and I had to have some.
It was truly a day to smell the roses.


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