Posted by: groundsforsculpture | February 27, 2011

Eye on Photography: I-Beam triptych by Maia Reim

Maia Reim, I-Beam Tryptich, 2009. Digital Photographs. Photo Courtesy the Artist.

By Maia Reim, Guest Blogger and Focus On Sculpture Participant

Walking past a construction site, I saw a building crane hoisting steel beams and remarked how much the precarious balancing of heavy metal suspended from a delicate line looked like a sculptural mobile. On a cloudless day I snapped a series of exposures. When deciding which images to print, I determined that they worked best as a triptych. I stripped the grey tones out of the background to convert the work into graphic elements of design, playing with the flat picture plane and the illusion of depth created by perspective. I have rendered the series of images as a calligraphic alphabet of form etched in time and space. To me this is a fun image in which mundane objects assume new meaning when shown out of context.

The Focus on Sculpture exhibition is an annual Grounds For Sculpture exhibition of amateur photography.  Selected works are on display in the Education Gallery in the Visitor’s Center from January 22 through March 20, 2011.



  1. A very interesting, very dynamic image. Well-seen and masterfully presented!

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