Posted by: groundsforsculpture | February 9, 2011

Eye on Photography: Labyrinth II by Vivian Bedoya

Vivian Bedoya, Labyrinth II, 2010. Digital Print. Photo Courtesy the Artist..

By Vivian Bedoya, Guest Blogger and Focus on Sculpture Participant

There is something almost magical about the way “Arch II, Set II” by Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas undulates and unfolds before your eyes. It seems to transform itself with an ever-changing façade depending on where you stand and how you approach it. The markings on the steel surface sometimes appear three-dimensional as light plays off the piece, and I find myself studying the patterns. Each opening is a doorway, a portal to a different view, a different feel and a different reality. The negative and positive spaces and its graceful lines make this large, powerful piece appear lightweight and fluid.

“Arch II, Set II” was a lucky charm for me in Focus On Sculpture, 2009, when my photograph, “Portal,” was awarded Honorable Mention. Last year, I again gravitated to it, determined to see it in a different way. The morning had been cloudy and gray but as I made my way to the sculpture, the sun broke through and fluffy white clouds floated in front of a deep blue sky. Without hesitation, I lay back on the concrete slab; with my head nestled in the center of the piece I looked up. From this vantage point, the strong, steely lines of the sculpture stood out against nature’s soft backdrop and I imagined them to be elevated highways to heaven, forming a complicated labyrinth of twists and turns. Many shots later and one amusing encounter with a couple who thought I was part of the piece, I headed home confident that I had at least one image I would love. In post-editing, a wayward click of the mouse moved a layer over too far. I liked the effect, and blended the “flap” into the photograph, creating a skylight, and bringing more light into the image along with a heavenly view.


 The Focus on Sculpture exhibition is an annual Grounds For Sculpture exhibition of amateur photography.  Selected works are on display in the Education Gallery in the Visitor’s Center from January 22 through March 20, 2011.


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