Posted by: groundsforsculpture | December 16, 2010

The Fly by U. Arendt

Pegasus and Bellerophon, 1990-91. Cast Bronze. Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation. Photo by Ricardo Barros.

The Fly

By Ulli M. Arendt


The beast roars upwards.

The rider, seen only in a small lofty space,

resting on the neck of the upward sprinting horse.

Bellerophon, son of a god, cradled by

Pegasus, the white winged horse,

darling of all deity,

 had defeated Chimera, a fire breathing beast–

part lion, part dragon, part goat.

Overcome with pride and impudence

Bellerophon charges upwards toward

the summit of Mt.Olymp.

Zeus, the almighty,

watching the foolhardy man’s flight,

sends a gad fly

to annoy the brave and gentle Pegasus.

What does the sculptor want us to see

in his elegant, well designed piece?

A proud and accomplished hero

striving for the ultimate?


a pompous self righteous fool

falling into abyss?



  1. Ulli: I love your poem, and plan to read it to visitors when i take them to see this piece, esp when doing a “Myths and Legends” tour.

    The peacock in this photo adds interesting possibilities to interpreting the legend…and your poem.


  2. Ulli; What a beautiful job of synthesizing the mythological story of Pegasus, and my sculpture “Pegasus and Bellerophon”.

    Larry Young

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