Posted by: groundsforsculpture | December 6, 2010

Artist in Residence – Eric Schultz

By Ruthann Perry, Volunteer Docent

Eric Schultz

This year’s Artist in Residence at Grounds For Sculpture was Eric Schultz, who built the “Sleeping Giant” in October with the help of scores of volunteers.  The giant now sleeps in the field with the heliport and Bulls (#4 and #5) by Peter Woytuk.

During the summer, after GFS requested junk from park-goers, the collection boxes in the Info Center often overflowed with all sorts of goodies that would soon become body parts for “Murray,” the Giant.

Volunteers came twice a day for 4 hour shifts. There were many repeaters – including one lady who signed up for all 20 shifts.  Each day, the volunteers would empty the wooden crate on site onto a 20’ by 20’ tarp, loading anything in pairs towards the front – that made it easier for Eric to pick for all those twin organs like lungs, kidneys, legs, arms, feet, etc.

Organized objects

One or two of the volunteers were into their 80’s – and professed to have had the time of their lives.  All adored Eric; he has an easy way with everyone.  A natural born story teller, he kept every laughing, and things hummed along.

Group working

Volunteers at lunch

Luckily, the weather cooperated most of the time.  Since no adhesives were used, and most of the materials are weather-resistant plastic or metals, Murray should live a fairly long and happy life (anywhere from six months to a year with luck)….

Lunch breaks were fun.

"Sleeping Giant"


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