Posted by: groundsforsculpture | November 11, 2010

A Familiar Face

By Jerry Williams, Volunteer Docent

Last Thursday, while I was manning the desk at the Visitors Center, a middle-agedwoman entered alone and with a very big smile on her face. She proceeded to tellme that she had just seen her husband’s face. I figured she was joking around andexpected a man to enter any minute.

She proceeded to tell me that his face was on one of the sculptures in the storage areaat the opposite end of the Seward Johnson Center for the Arts. She explained that herhusband used to model at the Johnson Atelier, where many works have been cast inbronze. All this time, she had an angelic smile on her face, even when she told me hehad died seven years ago, and hadn’t modeled for about three years before he died.

I was at a loss. It would have been difficult to offer sympathy to someone with such alarge smile on her face. On the other hand, I couldn’t join in her happiness because itwas obviously personal to her. She was clearly now at peace with his passing. Shesaid that she had never before seen any works that showed his face.
That Thursday was a beautiful autumn day and she had decided to come to GFS for thefirst time and just stroll. After seeing his face in the storage area, she hoped she mightsee him again.

Smiling, she left the Visitors Center and proceeded into the park.



  1. How sweet! I’ve always thought all of those “bodies” in the windows had plenty of stories to tell……

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