Posted by: groundsforsculpture | November 3, 2010

“Artist in the Park Series: Interview with Bruce Lindsay”

By D.J. Haslett, Admissions Staff

EXP: When did you first discover that you wanted to become an artist?
BRUCE: “After participating in bronze pours with Professor William Lasansky at Bucknell University I felt strongly that I wanted to explore the technical and conceptual aspects of sculpture, particularly in the medium of cast metal.”

EXP: What inspires you?
BRUCE: “For me, inspiration is often revealed through experiences in nature, in forms either transitory or ancient, exhibiting some degree of decay and de-evolution. I use the process of metal casting to transform an ephemeral object, such as a leaf, into a form which will outlast each of us. Lost wax alchemy.”

EXP: Who or what are your influences?
BRUCE: “I am influenced by my environment, by great literature, by collaborative creative endeavors, by the process of self-discovery.”

EXP: What is coming up for you in the way of current projects?
BRUCE: “In process I have a life-size figurative sculpture in cast bronze, representing anima, the unconscious feminine psychological nature. Also in the works is a life-size German Shepherd, a Military Working Dog Memorial.

EXP: What would you recommend for emerging artists?
BRUCE: “Be disciplined about studio work, but allow for “mulch time”, assimilating influences and developing ideas, to further evolution of the artwork.”

EXP: What issues would you like to continue to explore in your work?
BRUCE: “Issues related to the use of the figure cast in metal representing truth consciousness.”

EXP: Can you expand on the meaning of “Truth Consciousness?”
BRUCE: “I refer to the potential capacity to reflect a transformation of the mind to a state of pure awareness, bliss and love.”

EXP: What is the purpose of Art?
BRUCE: “Art can engage our senses, activate our minds, and create a shift in understanding our relationship to one another and the world.”

EXP: You have taught a number of classes at Grounds For Sculpture, what do you hope to accomplish in your classes?
BRUCE: “I hope to share knowledge, experience, and the joy that involvement in sculpture can impart.”

EXP: Looking at work on your webpage, I see your work is very eclectic, from realism, to abstract, to nonrepresentational. Some artists stick with one medium that is successful for them, but you prefer to work in a number of mediums and styles, what do you like about this approach?
BRUCE: “I embrace the freedom to move between materials and modes, as an uninhibited child at play, to serve whatever expressive purpose is intended.”

For more information on Bruce and his work, please visit these websites:, click on “on view” and Bruce Lindsay.


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