Posted by: groundsforsculpture | October 27, 2010

Tall Tales: A Horse’s Tale

By Meredith Neubeck, Admissions Staff

Rumor has it that there was a horse buried on the Grounds For Sculpture site back when the Fashion Stud Farm was in existence. The rumor turns out to be true.

Goldsmith Maid, a record-holding harness racing horse, was buried somewhere on the Fashion Stud Farm property. Where exactly is she buried?, you might wonder. The quest for Goldsmith Maid’s resting place brought me to exactly there.

Goldsmith Maid was buried in 1885 at the finish line of the racetrack. In 1926, a ceremony was held in honor of Goldsmith Maid and a monument was placed near the judges’ stand to serve as her headstone. In 1946 the headstone was moved to Kuser Farm Park where it remains to this day.

The rumor neglected the fact that, over the years, several other horses were buried alongside Goldsmith Maid. All of the horses buried on the property were well known and very successful harness racing trotters in their day. Lady Thorn and Lucy were both also residents of Fashion Stud Farm, like Goldsmith Maid.

When at the Grounds, walk down one of the main paths through the park; coming up from the lake, as you pass the Sculpture Pad on your left and the amphitheatre on your right, look along the left side of the path. Between Karen Petersen’s Beast and Roy Wilson’s Resting Place lay the remains of Goldsmith Maid…and Lady Thorn…and Lucy, too.

Who knows how many more are buried on site…????



  1. Fascinating!

    Does Deborah Butterfield know this? Is anyone thinking of posting this piece of history somewhere on public view, particularly during her show?


  2. Super Sleuth, Meredith, CONGRATULATIONS
    Thank you for solving the case of the missing horse. How appropriate that “Beast” and “Resting Place” stand as markers for honored horses of the past at GFS.

  3. Thanks! I should get a hold of Deborah Butterfield and let her know. I will talk to Ellen Landis next time I see her about this.
    Any other mysteries about GFS you all want me to solve?

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