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10th Annual Epicurean Palette Silent Auction

By Aylin Green

At Grounds For Sculpture we are getting ready for our biggest fundraiser of the year, the 10th Annual Epicurean Palette. Each year supporters of Grounds For Sculpture come to experience a day of gourmet tastings from the region’s best restaurants and beverage vendors. This year we have added a Silent Auction to the day’s events, providing another fun way to support the museum and sculpture park.

Epicurean Palette ticket-holders will find the Silent Auction, along with music and the beer garden, in the Acer Courtyard next to the Domestic Arts Building. An exciting selection of items from cultural institutions and local businesses will be available for the bidding until 3:30 p. m. Please visit for more details.

Of special note is the inclusion of a GFS Artist Gallery. This one-day “gallery” will feature work up for bid by local artists. Thirty percent of each purchase will go toward support of exhibitions, educational programs, and family events at Grounds For Sculpture. Most of the artists in the gallery have significant historical ties with the organization, having worked at the Johnson Atelier, or having studios located at Grounds For Sculpture. Others have been a part of our extended artists’ community for years and are excited to help support GFS with their art. All demonstrate a high quality of work that will add value and enjoyment to the auction-winners’ collections.

GFS Artist Gallery checklist:

Leon Rainbow and Will “Kasso” Condry
GFS Graffiti Car featuring a portrait of Keith Haring
Donated car and aerosol spray paint.

During this year’s GFS Anniversary Arts Party, local artists Leon Rainbow and Will “Kasso” Condry were invited to transform a donated Buick Century into a work of art. Inspired by the exhibition of work by Keith Haring in the Museum Building, the artists collaborated on a portrait of the artist for the hood of the car. Haring was known for his ability to straddle the arenas of street art and the gallery world. Facing the car, the viewer can see Leon’s interpretation on the right half and Will’s on the left. Each artist continued to paint in his own style for his remaining half of the car. Will’s paintings reflect a segmented style with beautiful shading and color punctuated with statements such as “It’s bigger than Hip hop,” faces, and abstracted peacocks. Leon’s side features a big beautiful GFS tag, colorful abstract but shaded forms, and a big sharp-toothed mouth making the car look fierce. This car will ONLY be available for bidding in an online auction through Ebay. Bidders may log on from home, or they may bid during the event at our Cyber Café, provided by Mercadien.

Wendy Gordon
Elysium II
Brass wire, rubber
5” x 36” x 4”
Wall piece of five rubber and brass wire pod shapes.

Kate Graves

Delaware Bay Sturgeon
Cast stainless steel
5” x 5” x 13”
Modeled from a digital pattern taken from a hundred year old taxidermy specimen, this casting replicates a 150 million year old “living fossil” that is genetically distinct from any other, including sturgeon found in the Hudson River.
Dave Grunwald
White Picket Fence and Web and Needles
Digital photo prints
17” x 11.5”
Vista of white picket fence, trees, sky and clouds. High contrast photo of funnel web spider web in pine tree.

Mike Gyampo
Shake it to the Right
White oak
50” x 15” x 13”
Carved sculpture of a female dancer.

Mike Gyampo
Electric Boogie
Acrylic on Canvas
36” x 54”
A painting of dancers.

D.J. Haslett
Outpouring of Emotion H-2
Acrylic paint on canvas board
24” x 36”
Non-representational expressionist painting.

Gyuri Hollosy
Sawdust bonded with a special marine resin

Two intertwined abstracted figures constructed in overlapping sections dance in configurations that invite multiple viewing points and thus multiple positions for display. With each formation a singular form can be viewed, where the figures appear to spin away from each other, while from another angle the figures seem brought in as one.

Bruce Lindsay
10” x 4” x 4”
Cast bronze double spiral shell form.

Rory Mahon
Peanut Vessel
Cast iron
14”diameter x 5”
Unique iron casting from a sand mold utilizing various carving and molding techniques. Part of the artist’s vessel series. Natural patina.

Rory Mahon
Archival digital Chromira Print
5’ x 15”
Panoramic portrayal of women celebrating life amidst the orderly formation of Magdalena Abakanowicz’s sculpture Space of Stone at GFS. Number 3 in edition of 12.

Catherine Perry
Fairy Platter
Cast silicon bronze
5.5” x 8” x 10”
Decorative platter with four leg supports. Blue and green pigments applied with hot wax for finish. Artist used cardboard as the model, layering and dribbling wax to create texture. Not to be used with food, keep indoors or protected from weather.

Andrzej Pitynski
Charcoal drawing

Dana L. Stewart
Sue’s Nightmare
20” x 11” x 6”
Beast with a vicious grin. “After seeing the Tyrannosaurus Rex known as Sue, I wondered what would a beast like that be frightened of? Perhaps a little ankle-biter.”

Clifford Ward
Takeo’s Take
Mixed Media sculpture (plaster bandage)
33” x 17.5” x 17.5”
Female dancer on points in squatting position showing strong movement. Architectural base added and entire piece attached to carousel for rotation.

Clifford Ward
Three Dancers
Framed print
13.5” x 23.5”
Prints of three dancers taken from larger canvas paintings by the artist. Each dancer depicts a pointed squatting dancer.

Autin Wright
Reclining Nude
Graphite on paper
24” x 17.5”
A drawing study in which the forms of the female body are used to inform three-dimensional works.

Autin Wright
Mixed Media
Mixed media; resin with glass beads, acrylic paint
22” x 18”
An exploration of texture and color.

Autin Wright
Black Walnut Form
Black walnut, wood base
17” x 32” x 9”
An abstract exploration of forms in wood.

Andrew Wilkinson
Mystery Shopper II
5.5” x 2.5” x 12”
Bronze gift bag.

We hope you will join us in support of Grounds For Sculpture and experience the culinary artistry of The 10th Annual Epicurean Palette!

To purchase tickets, visit or call (609) 689-1040, ext. 112



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