Posted by: groundsforsculpture | September 14, 2010

GFS Artists on Display at Straube Center in Pennington, NJ

By Andrea Pitluk, Volunteer

Dana Stewart/Alisandra Wederich, Gallery Manager, Straube Center, Pennington, NJ

I accompanied some friends to the Straube Center in Pennington, NJ, to find out about their “Fine Arts” display:
After viewing their temporary indoor displays, including textile art and paintings, we walked outside and were pleased to find a sculpture garden with “Art You Can Touch”…and artists familiar to the Grounds:
  • Seward Johnson
  • Carole A. Feuerman
  • Harry H. Gordon
  • D. J. Haslett
  • Gyuri Hollósy
  • Rory Mahon
  • Dana Stewart

It was fun to see other works of these sculptors in a completely different setting.

Seward Johnson, Straube Center, Pennington, NJ.

Gyuri Hollasy, Straube Center, Pennington, NJ


Note to Harry and warning: I was exploring your sculpture and put my finger into one of the interesting crevices you created…OUCH! 
A wasp had made its home there.
(Fortunately, it only nipped me!)

Harry H. Gordon, Straube Center, Pennington, NJ

D.J. Haslett, Straube Center, Pennington, NJ

Carole A. Feuerman, Straube Center,
Pennington, NJ.

Rory Mahon, Straube Center,
Pennington, NJ.



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