Posted by: groundsforsculpture | July 10, 2010

Member’s Musings feature

This exhibition at Grounds For Sculpture is open until July 18th in the Education Gallery.

Featured today is the painting The Eye by Volker Arendt and poem Where Can I Hide by Ulli Arendt, both part of the Member’s Musings Exhibition for 2010.

Volker Arendt, The Eye.

Where can I hide!

Stern and angry eye looks at me.
Where can I hide?

Power, arrogance and strength are openly displayed.
Where can I hide?

Piercing thoughts do not let me go.
Where can I hide?

It is coming, it is running, it looks for blood.
Where can I hide?

Rage spouting, a quiet scream turned wild.
Where can I hide?

The feeling of helplessness is overtaking the mind.
Where can I hide?

Angst, fear, emotions encased in boiling lava.
Where can I hide?

Cannons explode with deafening shrills.
Where can I hide?

Never a quiet moment to be inhaled.
Where can I hide?

Ever growing consternation, first in color, then in darkness.
Where can I hide?

Compacted anger, sinister mind eager to terrorize.
Where can I hide?

A reign of horror explodes and chases the viewer.
Where can I hide?

Monster let go of me unless I die.
Where can I hide?


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