Posted by: groundsforsculpture | July 7, 2010

Surprise Visitor at Lunch

Linda Pickering with Seward Johnson

By Linda Pickering, Docent

My college friend, Jackie, and a group of her neighbors met for a tour of the Grounds on a Wednesday in May, followed by lunch at Rat’s.  I was their docent, and we ranged all over the Grounds, including visits to the new Tigers by Gwynn Murrill in the amphitheater, and Jackie’s favorite from a previous visit, Were You Invited? by Seward Johnson.  We all admired the work and everyone took special note of Mr. Johnson himself among the figures who were invited.

Just as we were chatting over coffee (after having selected three desserts to share with nine spoons), a gentleman came over to our table and asked if we were enjoying our lunch.  Almost immediately, everyone recognized him as Seward Johnson himself, and we invited him to join us.  He sat down and talked about his newest installation, Unconditional Surrender, as part of The Sculpture Foundation’s Sculpture Along The Way program.  Mr. Johnson smiled at one of the Trenton newspapers calling it “The Kiss.”  He also told us about the newest members of his family, some Bernese Mountain Dog puppies.

Mr. Johnson patiently sat for photos with several in our group, until he was called away to the telephone.

Meeting and talking with Seward Johnson was the highlight of a lovely May day at Grounds For Sculpture and Rat’s.  After our group all piled into their cars to leave, I led them over to Unconditional Surrender and lots more photos.


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