Posted by: groundsforsculpture | July 5, 2010

Aunt of the Bride

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By Judy Klotz, Docent

Little did I imagine five years ago, when I treated my niece, Lilli, and her brand new boyfriend to an informal tour and a picnic near the lake at Grounds For Sculpture , that they would one day choose the Grounds as their wedding site.  They selected the amphitheatre for the ceremony and the SJCA for the reception. In fact, Aunt Judy was told about the date and place before my brother and sister-in-law, Lilli’s parents, were told; Lilli called to ask if I’d lead a tour for the wedding guests. Of course!…What a silly question.

Since I live five minutes from the Grounds, and my brother’s family is near Philadelphia, I was asked about nearby hotels, caterers, restaurants for rehearsal dinner, hair salons, and florists (I had opinions only about the first three of those).  I had the pleasant tasks of transporting chuppah poles from Roxanne’s office to my brother’s and sister-in-law’s place, recommending a cellist friend to supplement the string quintet of the bride’s classmates, and prolonging the event by picking up a forgotten cake top and cooler after the wedding.

To plan, I reconnoitered routes to and from the amphitheatre, including its various entry points, with a view to shortest distances, most shade, fewest vines in one’s face, most direct routes to restrooms, and fewest chances to trip in high heels or lose one’s way. That led me to discover some paths and routes around the park that I’d never taken before.

With much glee, I informed Lilli and Cary that five unexpected guests, Gwynn Murrill’s Tigers, would grace their ceremony.

I fretted over storm and heat forecasts, and was relieved to discover in advance that the amphitheatre is completely shaded by 7:00 p.m. in June, the time of the ceremony.

The wedding guests who came on my pre-ceremony tour (about 25 of themmore than I’d predicted) were among the most amazed and appreciative group I’ve ever guided. Many had not even heard of the Grounds beforesome will certainly visit again…. I’m hoping a few will eventually become members.

Being at the rehearsal and ceremony, and leading the way for the wedding party’s procession, has changed the amphitheatre and the paths to it into ‘sacred space’ for me. I won’t forget which stone I sat on, and I share a secret memory with the tiger on whose tail one of the guests hooked his jacket during that warm evening.

Lilli couldn’t have imagined what an enormous gift she was giving to our families when she decided on her wedding place.



  1. Judy:
    What a wonderful story and so full of pride and joy. Your niece and ger Gary must very special people and we all wish them well for everything they have planned.
    Thank you for sharing such a lovely and endearing “moment”.

  2. I loved this story, Judy. You’re a natural writer. I know this because you left me wanting to know more about the wedding! More, please!

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