Posted by: groundsforsculpture | June 12, 2010

Anniversary Arts Party 2010

On June 5th, during the Anniversary Arts Party weekend, I led an Arts-in-the-Park tour of at least twenty visitors. In Grounds For Sculpture’s emerald green environment, we met artist Marion Held and viewed her sculpture Three Figures. We saw two faces on two sides of the large wooden frame in the front and one face on the wooden frame in the back. According to Ms. Held, the faces were created in wood-fired clay and hung in the frame were the clay torsos. The metallic surfaces of the clay resulted from heat oxidation. Visitors asked questions, walked around the piece, and really enjoyed it.

 Sculpture courtsey of The Sculpture Foundation

Outside the rear entrance of Sculpture Pad stands Transduction by Robert Roesch and Suzanne Reese-Horvitz. There is a Cor-Ten plane between three large Cor-Ten steel pyramids below and four medium size steel pyramids above.  Robert Roesch emphasized that the important part of Transduction is this Cor-Ten plane; “the place in between” where the atmosphere of air meets the water. Suzanne Reese-Horvitz treated the surfaces of steel pyramids with gold leaf and painted compasses on them. She said that she and Robert Roesch own a boat and that the compass gives them direction while sailing and is also a symbol that states, “Here I am”.  Ms. Reese-Horvitz loves gold and considers gold a symbol of beauty. After the artists’ talk, dancers of MM2 (Music & Motion) performed two improvisational dances in front of Transduction.

Sculpture courtsey of The Sculpture Foundation

In 1984, Keith Haring painted a red BMW by drawing lines. Two local graffiti artists, Leon Rainbow and ‘Kasso’ Condry painted a blue Buick with Keith Haring’s portrait on the hood to celebrate the Spring/Summer 2010 Exhibition – A New Dimension Keith Haring. The blue Buick was donated by Suburban Wrench of Pennington, NJ and Dave’s Towing of Ringoes, NJ.

Besides leading the tour, I had the chance to see the artists in action and the graffiti car. It was a fun day at Anniversary Arts Party even though I did not have time to see everything going on in the park.

Grace Hsu, Docent  

Photo by G. Hsu


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