Posted by: groundsforsculpture | June 11, 2010

Grandy’s Story

By Elizabeth Berkowitz, Coordinator of Volunteer Services

Shortly after beginning my job in the Museum Shop, my son was hospitalized. He was in great hands with his Dad, so I felt I could concentrate on learning the ropes here at the Grounds. 

A few days after coming home I brought him over to see the new place where I work. He loved all the places we could explore; out the sculptures he was able to touch was very exciting.  We sat on a bench to talk about the new job and what a ‘neat’ place I came to each day. But the comment he made that day touched my soul.

He remembered my mother, his Grandmother, who had passed away when he was a tiny boy by saying, “Grandy would love this place, and I think this is like heaven, where she lives now. Don’t you just see her knitting something in heaven when you come here?”

I think he’s right; it is like a bit of heaven when you walk out the doors to explore the Grounds and I can picture my mother sitting on that bench knitting away each time I pass it!



  1. Elizabeth: a poignant observation…thanks for posting it! I think each of us experiences GFS as our personal paradise on our own terms…. your son’s…and mother’s images are beautiful.


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