Posted by: groundsforsculpture | May 14, 2010

Carved in Stone

By U. Arendt, Docent

Manuel Neri, Untitled, Marble II, 1998. Ordinario Marble. Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation, Inc. Photo by Mike LaRiccia.

Carved in Stone
Based on Manuel Neri ‘s piece
Untitled Marble II

Carved in stone,
silent and peaceful
stands the memory of
the once admired.

Marble, smooth and cold
created by nature
chosen by the artist
in adoration of his loved one.

She was full of life
incredibly graceful
some might even say
amazingly beautiful.

Step away and admire her.
Think of the devotion
chiseled in the cold but elegant stone
for eternity to behold.




  1. Beautiful!
    Thank you.

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