Posted by: groundsforsculpture | May 8, 2010

Through a Child’s Eyes (part 4)

By Meredith Neubeck, Admissions Staff

Following a school field trip in December, a sixth grade class from West Windsor Plainsboro Community Middle School was given an assignment to write what they thought different sculptures were really about. The following are more of their short essays:

Red Grooms, Henry Moore in a Sheep Meadow:
“I think this artwork is really about how there is always someone watching you and taking care of you. I see a man that has sheep and a dog to protect the sheep. Another man behind them is watching the sheep too. The man is protecting the sheep so no one will steal the sheep. The man behind the sheep is God. It means that God is always watching us and protecting us. This artwork tells me that everyone in this world protects each other. The man that is behind the other things is protecting all of them. The man that owns the sheep and the dog is protecting his animals and the dog is protecting the man and the sheep.”

Tony Putnam, Sacred Grove, 1996. Welded Copper. Courtesy of the Sculpture Foundation, Inc. Photo by David Steele.

Toni Putnam, Sacred Grove:

“I think that this artwork/sculpture is really about nature and how unique nature can be. The picture above shows how unique it is. The forms that the artist used are all different sizes and shapes. The artist created metal trees. These metal trees are surrounded by real trees. This is something that you don’t see very often. This is very unique.”

Robert Ressler, Baruch Ashem, 1989, wood, copper, concrete. Courtesy of the Sculpture Foundation, Inc.

Robert Ressler, Baruch Ashem:

In this picture I see teamwork. All the trees on the outside are working together to help the tree in the center stand up. The tree in the center is helping, holding the thick wires that the outside trees are holding. The wires are also working together to help all the trees stand up, so all the parts of the sculpture are working together to help each other stand up.”


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