Posted by: groundsforsculpture | April 16, 2010

Connection (with Albert Paley’s Sculpture)

Come see internationally known artist Albert Paley in the GFS exhibition Dialog with Steel in the Museum Building. Exhibition closes this Sunday, April 18, 2010.

Albert Paley, Moment, 2009. Cor-Ten Steel. Photo Courtesy of the Artist.

Although I, as scheduled Paley docent in the Museum Building, showed up a day late, I think it was my good fortune. It was a day of clear skies, excellent company, and opportunities.  I am grateful to have met and learned from an English visitor, recently retired from construction related architectural work in Oxford.

As we walked around the museum, he carefully studied Paley’s work, expressing appreciation for his skill and integrity. Standing before Paley’s “Good Shepherd” gate, our visitor was reminded of an English art smith, Terrence Clark.  Paley and Clark share similar themes and sensibilities, inspiration from nature, responsibility in construction, reverent relationship to architecture, and vertical signage on gate posts. Clark also incorporates a small snail as personal signature to be discovered in each work.

Paley and Clark are both known for their transformative gateways.

Both artists love what they do.

Me too,

Jody Kendall, Docent


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