Posted by: groundsforsculpture | February 24, 2010

The Inside Scoop: Team Finance

TEAM FINANCE: pictured Lois, Rob and Linda.

Most people don’t know all that goes on behind the scenes to make Grounds For Sculpture the amazing place that it is.  One group that toils in the background is affectionately known as “Team Finance.”  Composed of Rob Gross, Linda Burke and Lois Silagyi, Team Finance pays all the bills, prepares the payroll, fills out and files the tax returns, etc.  We’re also occasionally the ones that everyone hates to hear from: ”Where are your approvals?”  “Where are your receipts?”  “Why did you spend so much?”  We really don’t enjoy being the “meanies” but someone has to do it.  Sometimes you will hear what sounds like a peacock call coming from our offices, other times you will hear strange voices coming out of our computers – all just part of a normal day for Team Finance!   Come by and visit us (our offices are at the Atlantic Foundation, next to Rats Restaurant.)  We promise to be nice… we have candy….


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