Posted by: groundsforsculpture | February 18, 2010

Will the Real Leucantha Please Stand Up

What a wonderful sculpture park my husband discovered on the campus of Pratt Institute in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.  This twenty-five acre college campus, with approximately fifty sculptures being shown at any given time, is open to the public year round with no charge for admission.

The Pratt Institute Sculpture Park came to fruition under the guidance of curator David Weintraub, in conjunction with the Institute’s president, Thomas F. Schutte, in 2002.

Imagine my astonishment when, while strolling the grounds, I came upon Philip Grausman’s magnificent portrait sculpture of Leucantha.  The work was dramatically placed on the lawn outside the library of the campus.

It was difficult at a glance to detect any difference between the Leucantha at Grounds For Sculpture and the portrait at the Pratt.  This might be because at GFS the work is placed in the water in front of Rat’s, which keeps viewers at a distance from the artwork.  If you will allow me to be a bit possessive in this writing, “our” Leucantha is made of cast aluminum, giving the portrait a silky complexion.  The sculpture of Leucantha at Pratt Institute is of white fiberglass which has been described as having “the glow of marble”.

It was also fun to discover a piece by Hans Van de Bovenkamp entitled “Undulation”.  This is a large scale sculpture made of brushed stainless steel “which captures the light to dramatize the swerve of the undulating forms”.

Most striking was a sculpture by Raphael Zollinger entitled “Welcome” depicting five prisoners cast in cement with hands bound and bodies leaning forward.  The artist notes that this work speaks of the abuse that “humans visit on one another”.

Our day trip was absolutely perfect especially when it ended with just a fifteen minute ride to Peter Luger’s, one of the best steak restaurants in New York City.

By Denise Canner, Docent

Philip Grausman, Leucantha, 1993, cast aluminum, 108 x 118 x 118 inches, Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation, Inc. photo: David Steele

Philip Grausman, Leucantha at Pratt Institute. Photo: Denise Canner.

Hans Van de Bovenkamp, Undulation at Pratt Institute. Photo: Denise Canner

Raphael Zollinger, Welcome at Pratt Institute. Photo: Denise Canner



  1. What a wonderful experience it must have been. Your pictures, Denise, are great. Ulli

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