Posted by: groundsforsculpture | February 18, 2010

A Blizzard of Abstract Sculpture

Isaac Witkin, Garden State, 1997, Zimbabwe Black Granite. Courtesy of the Sculpture Foundation, Inc. Photo by D.J. Haslett.

Ron Mehlman, Compression and Expansion, 2000, onyx, glass. Courtesy of the Artist and Kouros Gallery, NY.Photo by E.Berkowitz.

Brower Hatcher Fan 1999 stainless steel glass iron.Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation, Inc. Photo by G. HSU

Roy Wilson, Resting Place,1990,Painted Steel. Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation,Inc. Photo by D.J.Haslett



  1. Christina,
    I looked at the snow photos. I am more than impressed with all four of them, but I must tell somebody how beautiful Grace Hsu’s Thatcher Fan comes through. It is like flowers blooming unexpectedly in the snow. I might be yawning for spring and you may laugh. That’s all.

    • Volker,

      Yes, Grace and the others did a fabulous job and with the next storm upon us, I think we are all awaiting Spring anxiously!


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