Posted by: groundsforsculpture | February 14, 2010

Say Yes!

One of my fondest memories at Grounds For Sculpture was the day I proposed to my wife. It was no surprise to her that I was going to propose, in fact the next day we had planned to announce our engagement to my family at a summer get together. Ann Marie, my fiancé at the time, wanted a memorable proposal. Fortunately at the time I was working as a Program Manager and had many contacts in the performing/entertainment world. I found out that the middle-eastern fusion band Animus was going to be playing at Grounds For Sculpture as one of the performances in their Music Under the Stars series. I was a fan of this band, especially since I had booked them before for another organization. I spoke with Grounds For Sculpture about proposing to Ann Marie during the concert and they agreed to let me proceed as long as the band was receptive. I then spoke to the band and they were also okay with the arrangement. My last call was to my wife’s mother for her blessing. I told her I planned to propose during a romantic evening concert. Her mother was happy and gave her blessing. Everything was in place.

I asked some friends of mine to embed themselves in the audience to document the event. When we arrived to the concert, I accidently ran into them in the parking lot and said, “Hey fancy seeing you guys here. Enjoy the show.” Ann Marie knew something was going to happen but didn’t know when or how. The story I had told her was that the band was going to ask me to make a few announcements about future events coming up.

So they called me to the microphone and I began making my “announcements.” I started talking about my special someone and gave a short speech I had been rehearsing for about two weeks. I called Ann Marie up and went down on one knee. I asked her to marry me and she just stood there excited and smiling. A period of 5 seconds went by which felt like an hour. The audience shouted “say yes” and I realized she hadn’t heard me. I motioned with my hands and said , “say yes.” She replied, “Did you already ask me?” “Yes! Yes!” She replied with an enthusiastic “YES” and we embraced. I grabbed the microphone and shouted “SHE SAID YES EVERYONE!”  As we walked out of the courtyard someone shouted, “Will Animus be at the wedding?”

We were married at the Princeton University Chapel June 29, 2007.

By Michael LaRiccia

In August 2009, Michael joined the GFS staff as the Graphic Designer/Social Marketing Specialist and is doing a phenomenal job!

"The Announcements"

Ann Marie joins Michael at the stage

the Proposal!!

"Say Yes" , "YES!"


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