Posted by: groundsforsculpture | February 12, 2010

GFS in Sarasota

Herk Van Tongeren, Teatro XVII, 1981, 9'4" H x 6' W x 5'6" D. Cast & Fabricated Bronze. Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation, Inc. photo: Ruth Besser.

Mike Gyampo, "Matters of the Moment", 2008, bronze. Courtesy of the Sculpture Foundation, Inc. photo by Ruth Besser

On a recent Sunday afternoon I was invited by Brenda Terris, Executive Director of the Sarasota Season of Sculpture (SOS), to team with her on a tour of the display. It was exciting for me to visit with all my “friends” from the Grounds who are also wintering in Sarasota. She spoke about the installation and I spoke about the sculptures…really exciting! I must say they all looked very bare without their plantings except Mike Gyampo’s work which is beautifully lit and looks out at the road. The others also face the road except for ”Huh, What Was That?” by Dana Stewart, and Larry Bell’s “Sumerian Figures” which look like they are dancing. The road is Route 41 which gets a tremendous amount of traffic, so imagine it like our Sculpture Along the Way, except there is a beautiful Marina on the other side.

By Ruth Besser, Docent

For more information and pictures of sculpture included in the exhibition go to:

Magdalena Abakanowicz, "Hand Like Tree: Cecyna", 1994, cast bronze. Courtesy of the Sculpture Foundation, Inc. Photo by Ruth Besser


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