Posted by: groundsforsculpture | February 11, 2010

Inside the Heart of Art!

There is a certain magic that happens when you enter the realm of “make believe” and this year’s Groundhog Day took us there once again.

This is the third year I’ve had the pleasure of being the spirit of “Art!” the GFS Groundhog.

We had over one hundred students from Hillsborough come for the day to enjoy workshops, hot chocolate and cookies, being entertained by Miss Amy, and looking for “you know who.”

There were eight groups led by docents searching the Grounds for the big six-foot furry creature. Art hid at various places near the warming hut to surprise the kids, have pictures taken with them, and joke around. But it was what was seen from inside Art’s eyes that was the magic that brought out the child in all of us. Kids asked questions like:

“Are you a boy or a girl?”

“Did you see your shadow?”

“Who’s in there?”

Everyone, children and adults alike, wanted a hug; the weather may have been cold, but the feelings were warm.

The funniest quote came from a little girl who looked in the eye holes of Art’s large head and announced to the group: “There’s a man in there and he has a mustache.”

By D.J. Haslett a.k.a Art!

Grounds For Sculpture celebrates Groundhog Day each year with workshops, performances and tours for children and adults.  Look for this event on February 2, 2011!



  1. Art, love your insight.


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